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Memory Palace
This summer, Sky Arts Ignition is partnering with the V&A on a multi-dimensional exhibition experience. Sky Arts Ignition: Memory Palace presents an original work of fiction by author Hari Kunzru, transformed into a walk-in story by 20 leading graphic designers, typographers and illustrators including Le Gun, Oded Ezer, Erik Kessels and Luke Pearson.

The project is the second to be selected as part of Sky Arts Ignition,a funding initiative which will see Sky Arts partner with six leading arts organisations to invest directly in the creation of new, pioneering art works, events and performances.

18 June - 20 October 2013
Victoria and Albert Museum
About the
Memory bank
Johnny Kelly was commissioned to interpret the finale of the story where the central character is allowed to add one of his personal memories to be remembered for future generations. In response, he has created a new digital app that allows visitors to contribute their own memory to a digital poster. Each week a poster of all the submissions at the V&A will be screen-printed and added to the growing installation in the gallery space.

In tandem, Nexus Interactive Arts and director Evan Boehm have developed this web-based drawing tool that takes the idea beyond the museum and allows anyone to contribute to this Memory Bank. This ever-growing sea of memories creates a legacy for Sky Arts Ignition: Memory Palace.

You can also download a digital version of the V&A posters from the link below.
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Go behind the scenes

Watch an exclusive film about Sky Arts Ignition: Memory Palace from 19 June at 8pm on Sky Arts 1HD. For viewing times and clips, click on the link below

Sky Arts Ignition is one way in which Sky Arts connects with culture on the ground; creating and collaborating with the best of the arts in the UK and Ireland to bring new experiences to life. Sky ArtsIgnition launched in 2011 and will support six arts organisations in the creation of brand new works offering £200k and amplification through Sky's programming, marketing and technologies. Sky Arts also supports the next generation of artists through Sky Arts Futures Fund. The Fund, in association with IdeasTapoffers five young artists a year each a £30,000 bursary, enabling Sky Arts to back the creation of their new work as well as offering mentoring to nurture emerging talent.
Hari Kunzru's short story Memory Palace is set in a future London hundreds of years after the world's information infrastructure was wiped out by an immense magnetic storm. Power has been seized by a group who enforce a life of extreme simplicity on all citizens: recording, writing, collecting and art are outlawed.

The narrator of the story is in prison. He is accused of being a member of a banned group that has revived the ancient 'art of memory'. They try to memorise as much of the past as they can. The prisoner clings to his belief that without memory, civilisation is doomed.

Hari Kunzru is the author of four novels including The Impressionist, published in 2002 and Gods without Men, published in 2011. His work has won him prizes including the Somerset Maugham Award, the Betty Trask Prize and a British Book Award.

A printed edition of Hari Kunzru's short story Memory Palace accompanied by essays exploring the making of the exhibition is available to own below.